BENTON COLLINS is a New York based photographer with years of experience in the commercial world, creating images for clients including Coke and Pepsi, Sony, Miller Brewing, Toshiba, Colgate/Palmolive and Stuart Weitzman. Benton has worked with many top agencies including McCann-Erickson, BBDO, Hill Holiday, Bates, and Hakuhodo. 

Product Photography in Brooklyn, NY

Nine times out of ten, our first impression of a product is based on a photo. It might be an ad that pops up on a social media feed, a billboard on the highway, or a page from a favorite magazine. Once we catch that first glimpse, it only takes a few seconds to decide whether or not we’re interested in learning more. That’s the power an image holds.

When you’re trying to sell a product, you need to sell that image first. That means you need a photographer with the right experience, expertise, and vision to capture it. For international corporations to small boutique businesses, that photographer is Benton Collins


Benton Collins has spent years mastering the artful nuances of commercial product photography in Brooklyn and beyond.

Product photography should speak to the consumer; make them covet what they see on the page or screen and reach for it with their own hands. This image should make the audience want to eat your food, buy your product, and use your technology so desperately that they’re compelled to buy it. Benton Collins is a photographer who understands that.

His goal is to create a lasting image that accomplishes your goals. After years of working with large, national clients—such as Coke, Pepsi, Sony, etc.—and top agencies in the industry, Benton knows exactly what that takes. He’ll adjust every angle, position every shadow, and hone in on every fine detail of composition to highlight what your unique brand and product have to offer.

Food & Product Photography Services

One of Benton’s specialties in the commercial product photography industry is transforming food products into beautiful works of art. Using innovative trade tricks picked up and advanced skills refined over the years, he is able to transform a simple image into an experience. Whether it’s a simple bag of chips or a freshly-made deli sandwich, your audience will be able to smell every mouthwatering ingredient and taste every delicious bite.

High Tech and High End Electronics Product Photography Services

When your attention turns to high tech and high-end products, Benton Collins has you covered as he applies his years of knowledge and skills to bring you the very best in hard goods photography.  

If you’re looking to take your product to the next level, enlist Benton Collins’ product photography services in Brooklyn, NY. The lasting images he creates will inspire and impress in ways you never thought possible—which means your products will too.

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