Director of Photography Showreel 2022

Product overview for the GluBoost line of woodworking products 

Wintergatan MMX World Tour 30sec Promo

Music "I Wish I Were a Satelite" by NWSPR (New Wave Solar Powered Robots):

Raritan Valley Country Club

David John Backpacks - Find Your Way

Naomi Yanos - Ignore Me • Music Video

PURPLE - Short conceptual film

Trailer for proposed independent feature film WAKE

David John Backpack Load in Animation

Halloween Moments 2021

Fruity Pebbles Test Commercial

Jet Dreams - Short film

Halloween Moments 2018

Video portraits that last slightly too long

I Like You - Music video

Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival 2020 Winners Announcement

The Funding Network Event

World Learning Fellowship Awards 2014

The Beautiful Crazy - Short film (Halloween 2012)

Laundry Lullaby - Short film

Blue Beware - Steve Packenham - Music Video

Nicolette Haines Photo Shoot

Liv'n On The D'Low - Dee Flex - Music Video

Snowflakes - Julia Klot - Music Video

Raisin Bran Crunch Test Commercial

BENTON COLLINS is a New York based photographer with years of experience in the commercial world, creating images for clients including Coke and Pepsi, Sony, Miller Brewing, Toshiba, Colgate/Palmolive and Stuart Weitzman. Benton has worked with many top agencies including McCann-Erickson, BBDO, Hill Holiday, Bates, and Hakuhodo. 

Commercial Video Producer in NYC

Bringing the beauty and inspirational power of the still image to a motion picture is a deft and delicate process. Videography is a dynamic art in all of its forms—whether it’s a music video, short film, product commercial, or something else entirely.

When you’re trying to craft the perfect moving representation of you, your product, or your service, a videographer who can convey the right energy and creativity in every frame is crucial. If you’re an individual or business trying to produce that masterpiece in New York City, Benton Collins’ freelance videography services are exactly what you need.

Product Videos & Music Video Production in NYC

After years of practicing commercial product photography, creating lasting images for brands and products of all kinds, Benton Collins decided to delve into the world of videography too. With his experience in commercial settings and using his refined skillset to capture the unique essence of different products, producing videos that sell comes naturally to him.

Benton has filmed projects that fall into many different categories and will continue to venture into new territories as he explores the commercial videography industry. With his original perspective and eye for creating scenes that stun, he has produced stimulating music videos, thought-provoking short concept films, engaging commercials for various businesses, and more.

NYC Product Advertising Videography

Sometimes it takes a little more than a still image to galvanize your audience and demonstrate the value of your product. A video can show consumers how your product works, help them connect with your product or service, and provide a more detailed visual representation of how it will improve their lifestyle. Just as he does with his images, Benton Collins can create a video advertisement that captures the attention of your audience and highlights what distinguishes your product or service from the rest.

For NYC video projects in need of a talented freelance videographer backed by years of industry experience, contact Ben Collins Photography today. We look forward to helping you tell a story that sells!