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Benton Collins Photography

product promotional photographyBenton Collins is a New York based photographer with years of experience in the commercial world, creating images for clients including Coke and Pepsi, Sony, Miller Brewing, Toshiba, Colgate/Palmolive and Stuart Weitzman. Benton has worked with many top agencies including McCann-Erickson, BBDO, Hill Holiday, Bates, and Hakuhodo.

Deft detail and precision lighting are the hallmarks of a Benton Collins shoot. His innovative lighting and application of creativity helps highlight the essence of beauty in many products. Along with talent, Benton brings a signature selection of tricks and trade secrets to his photos. Applied to any liquid product, or used to highlight a "dry" shoot, the result is always impressive.

Benton is now expanding into the world of the moving image. Be on the lookout for videos in many categories, from the commercial to the purely artistic, all shot with his unique viewpoint and skill that he has brought to the still image.

Benton currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.